Scottish  Marshals  Association


1. Q: - Who and how do I get in contact with to become a marshal?
A: - Leave your name & contact details through web site & someone will be in touch ASAP.

2. Q: - What experience do I need?
A: - None! There is a training day before race season begins which will be posted on the site a few months before.

3. Q: - What should I wear on track?
A:- All racing marshals wear fire resistant orange boiler suits and orange reflective water-proof jackets & trousers in wet weather, Heat resistant gloves as bikes can be hot depending on where you grab them to get lifted & a sturdy pair of boots.

4. Q: - Will I have to travel far?
A: - Not for club races usually! We use East-Fortune near Haddington, Knockhill, Fife & Croft, of which we do East-Fortune & Croft on Saturday’s-Sunday’s whilst Knockhill is Sunday only.

5. Q: - Is marshaling voluntary?
A: - Yes it is but you get your lunch supplied and goodie bags get handed out for the afternoon session, in hot weather though you must have fluids with you. Usually the pick van will come round with extra fluids for you, sometimes on the Saturday night you will be handed a ticket for a drink at the beer tent for that night, hey we do try!!

6. Q: - What are the rules for being on track
A: - You usually sign on at marshal’s hut between 7am & 8.45am by then we have worked out who goes to which corner & who your Sector Marshal is! Bikes usually on track for around 9.00am-9.30am in which time you see that there are no public on wrong side of barrier & track is clear of debris oil etc, check that you have the proper equipment for commencing racing such as flags, Radios, Fire extinguishers, Brushes and Bales. No-one allowed on track while bikes are still on track either racing or practising, you only leave your post either when in pursuit of a incident or when your Sector Marshal tells you it’s safe.

7. Q: - How old do my kids have to be to get involved in marshaling?
A: - Kids from 10yrs old can get involved in marshalling! But they can not go track side until the age of 16yrs, That does not mean there is nothing for them to help out with before 16 yrs as we always need help with other duties which will help towards the smooth running of the days racing. So please do encourage your children to come along with you it is also a good way for them and you to meet new friends.

8. Q: - Will I need to do first aid on track? Or are there doctors on hand?
A: - You will be given first aid & fire safety training on the training day if you have any training in any one of these all ready it will certainly be useful. Yes there are doctors on hand plus three ambulances.

These are just a couple of things you might like to know before you wish to become a marshal, If you have any other things you would like to know please do not hesitate to ask! But I hope these Q & A’s are of real help to you all!

Next meeting  East Fortune 10th and 11th October