Scottish  Marshals  Association

Who can Marshal at a Race Meeting?
Just about anyone! There is a minimum age limit of 16 to go trackside, but otherwise, get out there if you want to be close to the action and soak up 100% of the atmosphere at a race meeting.

Can you just go out and Marshal without training?
Yes!! You would be part of a team and would be buddied up with experienced marshals. There is no need for First Aid knowledge etc, and if you don't think you could pick up bikes, there's always other things to do. There is training you can do if you really get into it, and this will open opportunities to Marshal at bigger bike meetings - such as BSB, WSB and even GP. You can also serve apprenticeships to become a Sector Marshal, assistant Chief Marshal and Chief Marshal (you get to boss everyone about then!).

So what do I need to do?
Come along early on a race morning and sign on as a Marshal. It's always wise to bring warm clothes, a change of clothes, waterproofs, a flask, juice, woolly hat or baseball cap and sunblock (please note you might need all of the above in the same day!). You will get a free lunch and as much coffee, tea and biscuits as you can consume during the lunch break, and a goody bag to keep you going in the afternoon. You would be eligible for a daily raffle (you can't be paid as such - all the Officials at bike meetings are there on a voluntary basis - for the love of the Sport).


Fancy giving it a go?
Go to the contacts page for more details, and we will do our best to persuade you it is a fantastic way to spend a day, then if you come along, you'll find that out for yourself! Or click on the link Here for an enquiry form.

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