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April Newsletter 2009

Hi all.
Mark Ferguson here.
 Right, first things first. After contacting Bob concerning the website, I thought it might be a good idea for me to try and organize content and info to be added to it on a monthly basis.
 In order to achieve this and keep the website up to date and interesting for new and current marshals, I will need help from our members.
 If you have any interesting mashalling information that you think everybody needs to know about, or photos from meetings that you think should be in the gallery. Anything at all. It would be much appreciated.
 You can contact me by email at or by mobile on 07591961687. With any info or pics you have.
 O.K. The season is just about ready to jump into life. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us for the first meeting, Iím sure you can all remember this time last year.

 I donít have too many details about the coming season, although there has been a couple of snippets of news that I have heard.
 The 400 Production class will not be running a control tyre this year, which give them some more grip options and also allowing the use of a wet tyre. Should make it interesting.

 The other snippet I have heard is regarding the current Superstock Champion, Bruce Birnie. I spoke to the man himself a couple of weeks ago in the Petrol station. He said that he will be taking part in the first meeting at Knockhill and then he will be heading over the Irish Sea to partake in the Cookston 100. We wish him all the best.

 Well, thatís about it. See you all at Knockhill.



Next meeting  East Fortune 10th and 11th October